An Update from our Counselors
Posted on 03/22/2020

Hello to all of our wonderful 7th and 8th graders!

We hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and practicing social distancing (meaning, stay home!). We miss you and hope that we can all be back together in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, we had a few things to remind you about:

1) Please do not worry about your Course Request Sheets that you received from us in your science class. We will collect them as soon as we all get back, including getting any necessary signatures.

2) More importantly, please make sure you have entered your courses online through the StudentConnect portal, using the instructions on the back of your course request sheet. Only upload your top elective choices (enough to give you a 6 period schedule or 7 period schedule). We have extended the portal until Sunday evening, 4/12/20.

3) If you are having trouble with your password, please let your counselor know, and we will send it to you electronically so you can cut & paste. Remember your password is case-sensitive. It is not your School Loop password. Your password is located on the back of your Course Request Sheet. The process will go more smoothly on a computer than on a phone or tablet.

4) If you would like to refresh your memory about our presentations, you can view them here:

These are also posted on the Harper Counseling page along with the course catalog if you misplaced yours. 

5) If you would like to connect with your counselor, please send an email. We are all working from home and checking email twice daily. We would love to hear how you are doing!

We will continue to stay in touch as needed during this time away from school.

Take good care,

Your Harper Counseling Team

Adrianne Simon-Carlson- (current 7th grade counselor)

Jackie Orozco- (current 8th grade counselor)