Harper Huskies, read more to see what you have to look forward to during the last week of school!
Posted on 05/20/2022
Last Week of School Events Final Week of School Events:

Monday, June 6th: Textbook return. All students should bring all of their textbooks and library books to school on this day to return to the library during their PE class.

Tuesday, June 7th: Locker clean out! Students will be cleaning out their lockers and taking all items home with them. Please come prepared with a way to transport your items.
Tuesday, June 7th: Yearbook distribution at the end of the day.

Wednesday, June 8th: Day on the Green. Classes will end at 12:30 and students will then move to our end of the year celebratory event called Day on the Green until 3:25pm. Students will remain on campus and are not allowed to leave unless they have an excused absence from a caregiver.  
There will be fun activities including a water slide, bounce houses and food trucks.  Please encourage students to pack a change of clothes (no bathing suits allowed but students can wear quick dry materials), money (if they’d like to purchase anything) and sunscreen.

Thursday, June 9th: Last Day of School - School is dismissed at 12pm.