New - Modified 5-Day Schedule
Posted on 04/02/2021
Picture of the new 5-Day schedule

Hello Harper Community -

Superintendent Bowes sent out the Constant Contact on Phase 4 Modified 5-Day Schedule. We are following up with information from Harper on our upcoming plans for this new model of learning.

**Due to the 4th quarter starting next week, we will be following the Phase 4 schedule beginning Monday, April 5. Please note that first period now begins at 8:30 am. 

Some Harper Highlights:

  • We are preparing to welcome some of our students who selected to return to the Harper campus for in-person learning on Monday, April 12th. Please have your child check their emails on Canvas, as we shared this week some of the protocols that we will be following when our in-person learning begins.
  • On April 8th and 9th, Harper teachers will join all teachers in the district for professional development. Harper classes will be shorter in length to give teachers time to learn as we move to a simulcast model on these specific days.
  • To change your student(s) instructional model for April 12, we are providing a form to indicate your preference for your student(s):

    • In-person instructional model
    • Distance Learning instructional model

    In-person instruction placement requests will be reviewed by sites each Thursday in the order they are received.  Families will be contacted on Fridays to confirm their change in placement.  Students new to in-person learning will begin on Monday of any given week so that any reconfiguration to the classroom can be made.   

    Distance Learning requests will be honored immediately and teachers will be notified about the change in placement.

    In-person and Distance Learner students should contact the school office and teacher if they will be absent. Absent in-person learners may access the day’s instruction through Distance Learning in coordination with their teacher. 

  • During next week (April 5th), students will follow the times set for the new schedule from their homes in the distance learning model. Remember do not attend in person next week, April 5th 9th.  In addition, school will start for your children 15 minutes earlier at 8:30 a.m
  • To keep our community safe, we recommend asymptomatic COVID saliva testing at least once a week for all of our staff and students.  If you have not already signed up for an account, please follow the directions on our website so staff and students are ready to test the first week of school.  If you already have a Healthy Davis Together account or need to sign up, Saturdays and Sundays, you can test at Mondavi, switch your account to DJUSD and receive a free gift card!  This promotion is only available at Mondavi on the weekends.  Our school's testing day and time is: 
  • Students will be expected to have an individual Chromebook or laptop, available to them for daily instructional use.  Students will keep their laptop at all times for use at home and on campus each day.  Students will need to come to school with their laptops fully charged each morning.  In preparation for the launch of the 1-to-1 Technology Initiative for students in grades 3-12, we ask that parents of students in these grades choose one of the following options during the week of April 5: Veterans Memorial Center Monday to Friday or Harper Jr. High on Thursday afternoon.

If you have any questions about your chosen device or need to check out a District-issued Chromebook, please don’t hesitate to contact DJUSD Technology at (530)757-5300 x117.  You may also stop by our Chromebook Office at 526 B Street (office is located along C Street between 5th and 6th Streets) any time Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  

You may have questions about the upcoming change with our Modified 5-Day Schedule, please contact us for assistance at The entire Harper team is working hard to ready ourselves for the students' return. We look forward to welcoming the Huskies returning to campus and we are thinking about our entire Husky community.

Take care and stay healthy,

Kellie Sequeira



Mike Dufresne