Tree Harper Fund Razor
Posted on 11/14/2021
Tree Harper

We received $1,382.00 in donations!
We also had $200 in donations before the fundraiser began!
A total of $1,582 in donations this year - that’s a record! – to be used to buy trees, plants, rocks, tools, and other landscaping supplies!

While you can no longer affect the beard design, any donations will still be gladly accepted.
Please take cash or check to the front office (labeled Tree Harper), or use the student webstore – find the link on Harper’s website.

The winning beard style is Rainbow Leopard Spots! See it in person periods 1 through 6 Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week only!
And, yes, Mr. McKim must wash it off each day and reapply the color each morning for 3 school days!
And, yes, even if the color is removed, that is one ugly, salt-and-pepper, and now very patchy beard! Much sympathy to Mrs. McKim!
Pictures are included below.

Leopard print   Leopard print 2   Leopard Print

Beard Style

$ raised and # of votes

Rainbow Leopard

$891.00 = 891 votes

Two Flowers

$375.00 = 375 votes


$36.00 = 66 votes


$50.00 = 50 votes

Total $ raised



About us:
Tree Harper (T.H.) is open to all Harper students (future, past, and present). T.H. meets Mondays for the first 10 minutes of each lunch for planning purposes and on Fridays from 3:30 to 5:00 for doing campus work. Safety, training, tools and gloves provided. Friends of Frances (F.O.F.) meets 4 specific Saturdays from 8-12 each autumn, and F.O.F. meets 4 more Saturdays in the spring. Service hours available for scouts, honors organizations, etc.

Contact Mr. McKim with questions [email protected]