Tree Harper Fund Razor IV update
Posted on 12/09/2019
Mr. McKim with a Spider BeardTree Harper’s Fund Razor IV was a smashing success! The spider beard won with 322 votes compared to the rainbow leopard spots beard with 265, Hyrdroflask logo beard with 20, and T-R-E-E-S beard with 15. Please take all pledged donations to the front office, regardless if they were the winning style or not. While the $650 threshold for wearing it for 2 days was NOT initially met, Mr. McKim was overwhelmed by late donations and wore it for two days – Monday and Tuesday, Dec 9 and 10. He had to do a lot of explaining at a Monday night PTO meeting. The total pledged so far is $677 with a strong likelihood that we’ll exceed $700! That’s 7 trees we can add to our Harper ecosystem. Thank you to all participants! Earth’s atmosphere thanks you!