All Freshman Dance
Posted on 04/26/2023
Neon lightsFriday May 12th from 7-9 pm at Emerson Junior High School.  The theme for the dance is NEON.

The following rules apply to the dance:
  • The doors will close for the evening at 7:30 pm without exception.  Please be on time or you will not be allowed into the dance
  • Only DJUSD 9th graders are allowed to attend.  No guest passes are allowed.
  • Students will also not be allowed to leave early.
  • Wear school appropriate clothing.
  • All school rules are in effect.
  • Any inappropriate behavior will result in a responsible adult picking the student up, or the student will wait in the Emerson office until the dance ends.
For the Freshman dance, Harper is responsible for donating candy only (Emerson is responsible for chaperones so there is no need to sign up for that).  Here is the Sign Up Genius for candy donations.

The dance committee is requesting individual regular sized candy for the dance.  The link to an example of an assorted pack via Amazon is listed here.  You may also put Harper's Address - 4000 E. Covell Blvd. Davis, CA 95618 in and have it shipped directly to us if that makes it easier on you!