Department Information

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Juilanne Lohr-Shelton AVID 8

Jennifer Fung - AVID 9

Yves Bouyssounouse 
Home Economics

Dustin Greenler  

James Shimek
Technology, Multimedia, Robotics

Mike Tobey
Leadership and Bridge

Carrie Ziser

Julianne Lohr-Shelton-Bridge

Jonathan Dunsworth - English 7, English 8

Katie Herrick-Jasper - English 9

Rebecca Honig - English 7

Kristen Tannyhill - English 9, Humanities
English Learners
Maggie Wu - STEEL

Katie Herrick-Jasper - ELD

Rebecca Honig - STEEL

Harper Junior High School provides 3 levels of designated ELD (English Language Development) classes. All English Learners will be assigned ELD courses either in ELD or STEEL. Students' course designation will be determined by looking at a variety of factors, including their scores on the most recent ELPAC exam. Teachers work together in these courses, and sometimes students will combine with other ELD classes for learning opportunities. Students are able to move easily between the ELD courses, moving to the appropriate level without a disruption to the rest of their schedule.

Check out our English Learner website for more details and upcoming dates.
Briana Sanchez - Health 7, Health 9
Math picture
“Math is the only true universal language”

Yves Bouyssounouse
CC Math 2, CC Math 3

Jack Dapkewicz 
Integrated Math 1

Jennifer Fung 
Integrated Math 2, CC Math 3

Patty Latham
CC Math 2, CC Math 2/ 3

Welcome to the Harper Music Department!

As lifelong musicians ourselves, we believe deeply in the power of a music education to enhance a person's emotional, social, and intellectual development. 
And - making music together is fun!

Please use the links below to connect with our music teachers.

Greg Brucker
- Orchestra
Orchestra Website

Arielle Deem - Choir
Choir Website 

Clyde Quick - Band
Band Website 
Band Boosters Website 

Physical Education
Darcie Hauger - 7th Grade

Heather Taylor - 8th Grade

Tom Taylor - 9th Grade

Liz Fall- 7th grade long term substitute
Science Team

Sarah Huminski
Science 7, Science 8

Julie Lohr-Shelton
Science 7

Ken McKim
Science 8, Biology

Jenny Chase S
Science 8 and Biology
Social Science
Welcome to the History Department!

Harper Junior High School’s History Department provides students with an opportunity to work toward achieving the six goals of DJUSD’s graduate profile through an exploration of centuries of global history. By examining the political, religious, social, and economic influences throughout history, students will create connections to the modern world. Through collaboration, our department works to ensure students are developing critical thinking skills while considering multiple perspectives both in history and in the classroom. At Harper, students will explore world civilizations around the world in 7th grade, the birth and development of the United States in 8th grade, and modern global geography and issues in 9th grade. Our goal as social science instructors is to help Harper students leave the school ready to be better global citizens.

Jacob Schauberger- U.S. History and World Geography

Dustin Greenler - World Geography and Social Studies 7

Mike Tobey
- U.S. History

Ma Lee Vang -Social Studies 7

Special Education
Cydnee Vierra  

Jennifer Hessl

Jeff Perkins

Carol Sorensen
World Languages

Naoko McHale - Japanese
Mrs. McHale's Website

Kelly Ridgeway - Spanish

Jacob Fernandez-Spanish

Kirsten Street-Spanish