Department Information

See each department page below for teacher contact information and other department information

Nick Gallaudet - AVID 9

Jennifer Fung - AVID 8

Scott Seaward AVID 8
Yves Bouyssounouse 
Home Economics

Dustin Greenler  

Beth Merrill

James Shimek
Technology, Multimedia, Robotics

Mike Tobey

Carrie Ziser
Art, Ceramics

Jonathan Dunsworth - English 7, English 8

Pernia Hassan - English 8

Katie Herrick-Jasper - English 9

Rebecca Honig - English 7

Kristen Tannyhill - English 9, Humanities
English Learners
Pernia Hassan - STEEL

Katie Herrick-Jasper - ELD 1B

Rebecca Honig - ELD 1A
Briana Sanchez - Health 7, Health 9
Yves Bouyssounouse 
CC Math 2, CC Math 2/3

Jack Dapkewicz 
Integrated Math 1, CC Math 2

Jennifer Fung 
Integrated Math 2, CC Math 3

Dustin Greenler  
Integrated Math 1

Christine Hopper  
CC Math 3

Patty Latham
CC Math 2, CC Math 3

Scott Seaward 
Integrated Math 2, CC Math 3
Welcome to the Harper Music Department!

As lifelong musicians ourselves, we believe deeply in the power of a music education to enhance a person's emotional, social, and intellectual development. 
And - making music together is fun!

Please use the links below to connect with our music teachers.

Greg Brucker
- Orchestra
Orchestra Website

Arielle Deem - Choir
Choir Website (coming soon)

Nancy Sanchez - Band
Band Website (coming soon)
Band Boosters Website (coming soon)

Physical Education
Darcie Hauger - 7th Grade

Heather Taylor - 8th Grade

Tom Taylor - 9th Grade
Jolanda Blackwell 
Earth Science, Biology, Science 8

Sarah Garbers
Science 7, Science 8

Julie Lohr-Shelton
Science 7

Ken McKim
Science 8, Biology
Social Science
Nick Gallaudet - U.S. History

Dustin Greenler - World Geography

Jesse Kermit - Social Studies 7

Mike Tobey
- U.S. History

Ma Lee Vang - World Geography, Social Studies 7

Special Education
Carmel Barajas  

Jessica Corcoran

Lindsey Foley
Speech Therapist

Abbi Furlow

Jennifer Hessl

Jeff Perkins

Carol Sorensen
World Languages
Gabby Avila-Tuttle - Spanish

Elisabeth Griffart-Meissner - French

Naoko McHale - Japanese

Kelly Ridgeway - Spanish

Alison Walker - Spanish