Tree Harper and Friends of Frances
Posted on 11/16/2023
wave mustache style imageAnnual Beard Contest

What beard will Mr. McKim rock this year???  Your votes will make the decision.

Past Fund Razor donations have helped to plant over 200 Trees since 2007.

Here's your opportunity to donate $$ for TREES and to help Mr. McKim show off his beard chops!  The DEADLINE to VOTE for the best beard style is Monday 12/18.  You can vote more than once - It's $1.00 per vote.  More Votes = More Donations = More Trees = More days of wearing the embarrassing beard!

For more information see the Tree Harper and Friends of Frances page - Go to the About Tree Harper webpage, accessible on the pull-down menu titled "About" on this website's Home Page

To vote, send donations through the front office in cash or by check, or paste the link below into your browser: