Message from Kerin Kelleher

Principal Kerin Kelleher

As the principal of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High School I am happily, “caught in the middle”, between the elementary and the high school level of schooling. I believe that our school supports students during this special, unique transition in their lives. Davis Joint Unified School District chooses to structure our schools with a junior high school model, including grades seven through nine. At Harper we strive to support students during the adolescent maturation journey. I continually marvel at the development of our wonderful students as they begin seventh grade and grow and develop into teenagers preparing for their secondary education. I am proud to be the principal at a school where staff members see each child individually. Our academic courses are rigorous, yet we have numerous “safety nets” to assist students and parents as they navigate this amazing process. As a California educator at the middle level for over 25 years, I am committed to leading our staff as they build strong relationships with their students, guiding them toward learning essential 21st century skills.