Tree Harper & Friends of Frances

Thank you for all you donations!
Tree Harper & Friends of Frances thinks the world of our generous supporters!
Total Donations for this year's Fund Razor VII = $1,537 !

Local Business Partners:

Community Mercantile,
nonprofit 501c3
[email protected]

Kent Tree Removal, 
(916) 868-8509
[email protected]

If you haven't done so yet, please consider
donating $ to buy our campus more trees!

Navigate to the Resources, Webstore, click on the Tree Harper donation tile.
Sorry, your donation won't count for our Fund Razor VII this year. It concluded Monday 12/18 at 6pm.

Mr. McKim as Seneca Crane
Mr. McKim sporting the winning "Seneca Crane"  beard for Tree Harper & Friends of Frances' 2023-24 Fund Razor VII

Tree Harper's annual

FUND RAZOR VII ended Monday 12/18!

It began in mid-November. $1 per vote.
The top vote-getting & embarrassing beard style will be worn by Mr. McKim from
Tuesday, 12/18 to Thursday 12/20!

More votes = more $ donated = more trees = more days of embarrassment!

You can still donate by credit card at the Harper Webstore

or with cash or check in envelope to the Harper Office, but the voting is closed.

Final Results (as of Mon 12/16/23 6:00 pm):

Beard Style Final Vote Tally Ranking
 Seneca Crane from Hunger Games 722  1
  Two Flowers 718  2
 Moustache Wave  82  3
 Waves & Fish 25
 Total Donations Received  $1,537  

The Details! The Deadline! The Record to Break!

1 vote = $1. Typical donations are between $5 and $20.
The record for biggest donation was $300. We beat that record this year with $395.
Our annual goal is to buy and plant 10 trees. We have always met our goal! We have planted 207 trees since 2007! That is 64% of all 324 trees on our campus.
At current prices, depending on approved species and sizes, we needed about $1,400 to buy ten trees and associated supplies: stakes, tree tape, snacks for volunteers! And we exceeded that goal!
The top voted style will be worn one school day on Tuesday 12/19 if total donations are less than $1,000.
Worn for two school days, Tuesday 12/19 & Wednesday 12/20 if donations are between $1,000 and $1,400.
Worn for three school days, Tuesday 12/19 through Thursday 12/21 if donations are over $1,400!
Donations are accepted at any time, but will not count toward the voting process if received after 6 pm on December 18.

Thank you for your donation and support!


More about Tree Harper - an ASB Club:

All Harper students, 7th , 8th , & 9th graders, are invited to help with campus beautification using sustainable practices, thoughtful arboriculture, and hands-on horticulture. We are responsible for planting 206 out of Harper's 324 trees - that's over 60% of the trees on campus! Student volunteers have designed and maintained more than 10 specialize garden beds and tree groves since 2007!
Tree Harper volunteers meet Mondays in G-48 during the first 10 to 15 minutes of lunch to plan future events and make decisions. These volunteers then meet again after school on Fridays in G-48 from 3:30 to 5:00 to do work such as planting, propagating, painting, masonry, mulching, cleaning, etc. Students do not need to sign up. Just show up! Students do not have to attend every meeting - just show up when your schedule allows.
Student athletes often stop attending during their sport season, then rejoin afterwards. Families can contribute by donating snacks and drinks. Student favorites are Goldfish crackers, granola bars and protein bars, Fruit-by-the-Foot, chocolate, fruit, bottled water and Capri-sun drinks.

More about Friends of Frances - a community organization

Volunteers, teachers, students, scouts, and community members comprise Harper Jr. High’s campus care group titled Friends of Frances. They meet 8 times each school year for Saturday work parties from 8 am to 12:00 pm at Harper. Dates are listed below. Partial attendance is also welcome.  All community members and ages are invited. 
***Service hours available for scouts, church groups, sororities, fraternities, etc...***
Donatables: Plant seeds, plants and young trees (certain species), large and small pots and saucers, used tools, new tools

Monetary Donations: direct these to Tree Harper ASB Club via Ken McKim [email protected]

Gift Card Donations: Davis ACE Hardware, Nugget Market, Home Depot, Lowes
Questions? Donations? Contact Ken McKim at [email protected]

Mr. McKim gardening

Dates for 2023-2024: (If weather requires rescheduling, make-up dates may be needed and will be added to this space on this website page)   

All dates are Saturdays – time is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Fall       9/2/23      9/24/23       10/14/23         11/4/23

Spring  2/3/24      2/24/24         3/9/24         4/6/24